First Sunday gathering for 2019 is 20th Jan at 10am

Our 10am gathering includes worship, eucharist, a homily and a children and youth programme. Our cafe is open from 9.30am for coffee and brioche. We often eat together at the end and you're welcome to join us if it coincides with the Sunday you visit us. In the spirit of generosity we provide this meal on a 'pay what you can' basis.


On-site parking at our 10am meeting is for families with children and drivers with disability permits only. There is other limited off street parking in the immediate proximity that is clearly sign posted.  Here is map to these locations

Edge Kids

EdgeKids runs every Sunday at our 10am meeting after worship. Our kids programmes are designed to mirror the community life of the wider church. We aim to help our children nurture relationships with each other, to give them a practical understanding of the Gospel and to inspire their creativity and dreams.

We have a committed team of qualified teachers and helpers who are passionate about seeing children living their lives with Jesus.

Edge Kids runs in the following age groups:

The Manger: 0-18th months
The Ark: 18 months-4 years
Kingsland Kids: 5-10 years
Sunday Youth: 11-18 years

Seasons & Festivals

Every so often we take a break from our Sunday routine and throw a party to remind ourselves where we are in our year and to celebrate something special together. Christmas, our birthday, Easter and new albums have all had parties thrown in their honour. For us this an important part of being a community who gathers around a calendar of seasons and festivals.

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