Formation episode 8 - What the Hell?

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Does a loving God really torture people forever? Or is it possible that there is something else going on in the language of hell in the scriptures that we need to unpack? Whenever we deal with ideas of life after death, we are always in the realm of speculation. The reason this conversation matters though, is because our view of God shapes how we live in the world. What are the implications of our view of God? If God is a God who tortures people forever for not getting their religious choices correct, then God is a monster. That kind of God can be used to justify violence and war and oppression. That kind of God sets us up for tribalism. God asks us to forgive, and when we say ‘how many times’ he says ‘again and again and again.’ So does God do the same? Do we hold God to a lower ethical bar than we hold each other?

Clint Gibson