Update from Annie Wilson



Well I had a great trip home and very blessed to catch up with as many of you as possible. Thank you for always making me feel special, loved and supported. There are many needs and opportunities to fill gaps up here so for those that have asked, I’ve summarised the different ways you could get involved, should you wish.


UPdate on my projects

50/50  Housing Initiative

Two houses are now complete - the third is 75% there. Both families have moved in now - On the days they moved it was an incredible feeling. We have partnered together to help make this dream come true. The beautiful widow just held her head in her hands and wept as she was overcome with the reality of walking into her own home. The second house built for a younger family proved a big success in the village. They all turned out for the party and the poor parents had to try and control their two kids from running up and down the stairs and around like crazy kids while managing people who came for a look!

There are more families that I would be so excited to help and I'm so confident we can do this together. 50 people to give $50 to move a family from a slum to safety and comfort. I know a few of you talked about supporting a house build. Please let me know if you would like to go ahead. I will make it happen here!


30/30  Well Well Well

The fundraiser for the well is complete. Now I just have to get to the province to make it happen. This elderly couple are so thankful. We actually had a bit of money left in this kitty so I organised electricity to be connected to their home. Now they have lights and I plan to get them a small fridge and fan! They will live a little easier because of your generosity.


20/20  Student Life/Graduation House

This next 4 months will see two of our students graduate with degrees. It's an exciting time as they have overcome many obstacles. They have studied for 6 years and now will have the best opportunity out in the community to prosper personally and to actively make a difference in their country. The next few months will see 12 new students arrive to graduation house...going to be busy here. I look around here and see many things in the house that I would love to "beautify" - cover the old worn out furniture in new fabric, buy a few games, new crockery, linen and maybe a microwave! So I thought this is another opportunity to give for those more interested in the homely vibes sponsorship. Whatever comes in, I will prioritise what is needed first.


10/30 The Kit

10 people giving $30 will enable me to buy new football kits for the current students and for the new kids arriving. We have the opportunity to play a top Phnom Penh team soon and also scheduled to play against the West Coast Eagles from Perth in November... Want to sponsor us?



Other needs and wish list


Of course then there's my spa and social fund haha. Well actually just a bit to live on and get around the places I need to go. I do my best to be frugal and direct any extras towards the students and the younger children out at Sunshine House. Their lives are so different since I've come and we have partnered together. I feel so happy to stay this long and to also be able to come home to New Zealand and see my own children. Thank you to those of you caring for my children while I'm here caring for these with no one. My life is rich and I'm fulfilling dreams that were planted in my heart many years ago.

Family Nights

We have these once per month and invite all former students and their families to come too. It's great for them all to stay in touch with each other and hopefully glean from some of the older students ahead of them. It's always a fun night of music, food and games. I try to feed them all for $100 so that's $400 for the next 4 months.


The last 2 years I was able to throw a Christmas party and buy individual gifts for each of our orphans. For most, it's the only gift they get at Christmas. I would love to be able to do this again this year. There about 70 students between our two orphanages so whatever I can raise I will make Christmas a fun time. Together we are doing something so cool here. Wish you could all see with your own eyes. It's tough but so worth it.

A friend recently asked me what I've learned here...I didn't answer that day but here is my answer now... I've learned that I will not change the world because that is what Jesus will do, but I can change the world for one person. So that's my plan- keep stopping and loving one person at a time. Because this is my call. I’ve learned is that I will never look into the eyes of anyone ever that God does not love. This keeps me focused. I've learned to stop stopping myself and I've learned once you need less you will have more...


In summary here are my main needs and wish list:

50/50 The House Project

20/20 The Home

10/30 The Kit

MWA No limits!

$500 Christmas Fund

$400 Family nights


Many many thanks to all of you who are financially supporting these projects, the students and me here at Awareness Cambodia.

And for the ones asking for details would you consider partnering with me to help change this little piece of the world? You could either give a donation on this web site or into either of the accounts listed below depending where you live…

If you want to give to a particular project just put in on the reference and I’ll allocate it there.

I'm learning as I go. It hasn't been the easiest of journeys but that's ok. I've got this. I will stand for those who can't. I will make a difference where I can with who is in front of me. I trust that what God started He will complete. I will use your gifts and money wisely and honestly.


New Zealand - account is ANZ:::     06 0383   0717104 00 A B Wilson

 Australia        - account is ANZ:::    016 141   299685840  A B Wilson


Take care my friends,