Going Local

Spending time with Edge locals.

Community is an increasingly complex concept to grasp. We live with our family, friends, flat mates or even strangers, but we function more and more as independent units. The call to independence can be valid, however real success, love and change has always been found in the company of friends, foes and strangers on the hard worn path.

Therefore as we settle into the idea of moving out of 44 George we thought it would be great to start meeting up in homes with a few other locals. We have a number of people putting out their welcome mats to have you over for a spot of chit chat and kai. So if you have been around for ages or are just finding your feet at Edge, check out the homes below nearest you and touch base for the low down.

East Auckland: Mark and Kerry Mack are opening their home in Somerville for brunch on Saturday 16th March at the civilised time of 10am. Kerry 0210560221, Mark 021993233.

South Auckland: Fiona and Callum McKinlay are nestled at the base of Mangere Mountain, Mangere Bridge. They are keen to share dinner on Monday 25th March at 6pm. Fiona 02108287962.

Central Suburbs: Jono and Kylie Boswell are a stones throw from Eden Park and will be heating up the BBQ for a lazy Sunday afternoon on 24th March at 3pm. Kylie 0212855574, Jono 021638600.

West Auckland: Cath and Clint Gibson are keen to celebrate the end of a working week over drinks and tapas. Friday 22nd March from 6pm at Te Atatu Peninsula. Cath 0273613599, Clint 0212753343.

North Shore: Blair and Phillippa Franklin and their young family are inviting all the shore bunnies for a spot of afternoon tea, conversation and play for the littlies (and littlies at heart) on Saturday 30th March from 3pm at their home in Beach Haven. Phillippa 0276439800, Blair 0274131137.