The Long Road

And how blessed all those in whom you live, whose lives become roads you travel    Psalms 84:5

My life is the roadway of God, a divine-human collaboration of sorts - that long and winding causeway unfolding every day of our lives. In order for divine providence to become apparent we must take a closer look at what lurks beneath, a proverbial listening to the voice that speaks to us out of the ground of our being.

The gospel of Luke’s post-resurrection story of Jesus appearing on the Emmaus road is a figurative look at this mysterious experience, the interjection of the divine that provokes a response in us. Hidden in this narrative is a marker that signifies that our life is on track, in plain sight for all to see.

Some of the ways we quantify our faith journey trajectory are caught up in questions, reminders, insistence and heart felt assurance, the opening of our eyes to see what has always been going on in the background.

The true course of God is always full of questions, questions that don’t necessarily find answers but lead us into more questions of deeper unknowing and unperceived awareness. Questions like, ‘where are you God, why did that happen…’ continue to remind us that mysterious transcendence is at work in our life. God is not always known in the knowable, often answering a question with another question just to stimulate our enquiring minds.

To stay mobile and motivated on this journey we will need reminders from previous generations, weary wanders who cut through the undergrowth of impassable barriers, prophets who believed in hope against hope for those to come. We tire and slow when lose sight of the those who have gone before us as pioneers of promised lands.

In the midst of struggle we find the insistence of God, an inner urgency that compels us to reach out and embrace whatever form God takes when revealing them-selves to us. The deep hunger of our soul requires sustenance and the breaking of bread, and this universal metaphor for divine fulfillment is always at hand.

My life is in the hands of providence itself, a heart felt confidence that God will reveal Godself if and when needed for this roadway is a shared experience of terrestrial and celestial collaboration.

Travelling mercies my friends,


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