Ordinary Time

One of the best things, something I love about holidays is that you tend to change your entire routine.  

I went camping for 11 days with my family and wore the same pair of shorts and top that entire time.  My diet changed.  I ‘showered’ under a hose.  My sleep patterns mirrored the suns and still had a marvellous time.  

In light of this, while driving home last Monday I was assessing what is essential and important in life.  It’s amazing how great life can be in a more simple, slower, basic way and it reminds me of the lyrics in a kids song I knew has a child; 

‘Inch worm, Inch worm, 
measuring the Marigolds
seems to me you’d stop and see
how beautiful they are’

We can be so caught up consuming life, we miss seeing the world and those in it for what it really is. As we start a new year and with it, enter the liturgical season of Ordinary Time we will be camping around the idea of the Common Good.  It could be an opportunity for us all to re-orientate around what we value most, what it means to be a citizen in Christ’s kingdom, maybe not to get more out of it but simply to provide space to enjoy the beauty and mystery of the faith we share in it’s most simple, real and relational manner.   

On the back of my holiday experience I think being common is good, being ordinary is great!  


Rob ByrneComment