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Manaakitanga: I and Thou

Creation is the first loving and beautiful act of God’s manaakitanga – and it becomes our invitation to tune in to the pulsing rhythm of grace and generosity that sits just beneath the surface of things, calling us into a living embrace.

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ManaakitangaClint Gibson
Manaakitanga: Sharing our common life

The concept of Manaakitanga encourages us to reach out beyond the desire to share on the condition of self-preservation. It’s easy to share in a safe environment with those you trust and like. Generosity really blossoms however when your life is shared in a way that challenges our insecurities and fears which guide us every day.

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Manaakitanga: An Invitation

The eternal way of living is big love and the eternal way of punishment (in need of rehabilitation) is that side of my nature that is entrenched in annoyance. What I allow to annoy me will  forever torment my sensibilities and firmly close the door to the spirit of Christ that knocks with the sound of Manaakitanga.

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