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Children love lots of things.  Their insatiable love for life means that they engage and grab love in any and every way possible.  Growing up into adulthood, we hopefully begin to understand that love, true love, comes from one source. However, that source is big enough and broad enough to hold all creation and everything we love. It is also helps us see ourselves and each other as we truly are, not as mere reflections. Helps us know the world as it fully is known from the viewpoint of Love.

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The statement “I hope that… ” applies hope to a desired outcome. But the statement “I hope” does not anticipate a particular event. It says that even if nothing changes, everything is not lost. For Marcel, hope is the “response of the creature to the infinite Being to whom it is conscious of owing everything that it has.” In other words – this is not about hope “for” something, but hope “in” something or someone. Hope that is “in God”, rather than “for something”, is the kind of hope that can be truly meaningful for us.

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In this new year, and in these uncertain times we need to hear the voice that says, “This is the way, walk in it” and find assurance in this voice, not so much the road that we are walking on but the one who tells us to get up and go. In this way living by Faith is living today, hoping for tomorrow, held and anchored in the faithful love of God. This then invites us to consider a life of ‘Faith in’ rather than ‘Faith for’.

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