When you hear the word Wait, what is your response and what emotions are evoked in you?


Waiting is something most of us do or have done in our lives, from the simple task of waiting for a bus to waiting for a bigger event, dream or promise to unfold.

The challenge in waiting is that we don’t always have the details or the answers, we just simply have to wait. We have to wait with faith & hope and with complete abandonment to God, trusting that God will come through for us. This isn’t always an easy option or the one we choose, we wait stating our own preferred outcome rather than allowing God’s outcome to materialize.

If we take a look at Psalm 40 we can read how David waited for God with complete abandon and eventually God pulled him out of his long wait. He repositioned him by placing him on solid ground and gave him a new song to sing. In our wait we may need God to reposition us, to set us on a different surface, give us a different perspective and a changed view. In our wait we may also need a new song to sing, a God given song that gives us hope, a song that allows our trust and faith to come to the surface, trust that regardless of the outcome God has it sorted.

In our wait can we abandon everything that we think, feel and believe to God?

In our wait do we need to be re postitoned? In our wait do we need a new song to sing?

Wait, wait well and wait on God.



Clint Gibson