The Power of Encounter

On Sunday we had Fraser Hardy sharing with us.

He reminded us that in Jesus’ self-proclamation, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life’, he was in fact imaging and incarnating the Great ‘I AM’, the God of the Universe. This God, whose presence and voice broke through a burning bush, inviting Moses to consider a new path to walk on continues to speak and appear to us in a great array of life’s experiences and encounters.

Fraser has lived an interesting life! Stories of growing up in Papua New Guinea, raised by missionary parents who carved their way into and served the local people, bizarre stories, miraculous moments and snakes on toilet seats! His experience of the reality of the appearance of God in all things has catapulted him to continue to believe and trust the great ‘I AM’ for all of his days.

He is forever ruined by the power of encounter, and invited us to not settle for less.

Linda Burson Swift

Clint Gibson