18 - Another step in our becoming

Resonance – Emergence – Inspiration

This year I have been contemplating what it means to be a church, and more specifically, what it means to be the Edge community. And as we approach our 18th birthday, I have been reflecting on what it might be that God is saying and doing among us at this moment.

Although in one sense 18 is just another number, in another way it stands as a symbol of something. Of growing up. Of moving forward. Another step in our becoming.

So what, or who, are we becoming?

One of the things that happens when we gather and sing together can be captured in the notion of resonance. Resonance is the unique enrichment of tone that develops as our voices interact and intersect with one another. The variety of timbres and vibrations that react to each other and create something unique in that moment in time. I think this is a beautiful metaphor for our community. There is something in our voices… and in our lives, perspectives, personalities, gifts, similarities and differences, that when they come together they create resonance in completely unique ways.

We often talk about how God is present in all things, the breath of the Spirit that gives life to all creation. And yet there is also a sense in which God is present in a unique way as our lives resonate with one another.

Resonance is filled with diversity, it is reliant on diversity, but it also becomes something.

There is an emergence.

Its more than simply adding a multitude of voices together. Something emerges that is greater than the sum of its parts. A unique community that is in the process of ‘becoming’. So what is it that we want to emerge here? What is it that Edge is becoming because our unique voice, tone, personality and presence is found here?  We are growing up. We have been grappling with our identity and - like a teenager - we have been finding our place in the world. But there is an emergence into adulthood that carries with it a sense of the Spirit of life.

In the New Testament there is a Greek word theopneustos… sometimes translated as God-breathed, or as ‘inspired’. God is wanting to inspire us into our emergence. To breathe Spirit into us so that our resonance and emergence is invigorated by a divine spark of something beyond us (or within us!). We are being drawn forward into something, called into our becoming, and yet we need some divine breath, some inspiration, something divine to call us out of the wrestle of our teenage experience. This is not about returning to something old, but rather is about something new that emerges out of the ground of our history and experience together. As a community, what emerges among us, the ‘Edge’ that is greater than the sum of its parts, will be filled with the ‘inspired becomings’ that are happening within each of us.

We are being called forward, called out, called into something.

Resonance. Emergence. Inspiration.


Clint Gibson