Community is an increasingly complex concept to grasp. We live with our family, friends, flat mates or even strangers, but we function more and more as independent units. The call to independence can be valid, and great change has come about in the world because of people who had successful new ideas. A wise person, however never loses touch with the fact that the 'road less traveled by' is a picture of grandiose delusion, loneliness and self importance. Real success, love and change has always been found in the company of friends, foes and strangers on the hard worn path.

Whether near or far, here or there, we're doing our part to weave our own stories into others and have their stories become part of ours. Edge is an incredibly generous community of people who support each other with their time, money and hearts. We don't just exist for ourselves and we aim to give away money, resources and other support wherever possible.

If Edge is your church, you should consider sowing into the soil that feeds you and so many others. There are opportunities to give financially, to give time, and to give your support through encouraging words, prayer and participation. Why choose just one? Generous hearts live in big worlds



Get involved. There are a lot of people at Edge doing all sorts of amazing things. Check out the Events page and let us know by emailing if you want to receive our fortnightly newsletter. A community works best when we're connected to each other. Please pray for the Kaitiaki, the staff, and all those who are leading and serving in different areas. Edge started on a dream, and has made it this far encouraged by prayers and prophetic words. As far as we're concerned we can never have enough hearts praying for us.


Email us and find out where you could help in the church. There are plenty of opportunities for regular rostered help or occasional help. Get in touch by calling the office on 630 2922.


Edge exists as a legacy to the financial generosity of many people who have called this place home. If you are a part of this house, contributing to the unavoidable commitments we have and the obligation we have to be people known for generosity is something you should consider.

You can give by credit/debit card online using the button below or by cash or Eftpos on Sunday. If you'd like to set up a direct debit, our account number is 03 0155 0451009 000.  Put your full name and the word 'giving' as your payment reference.  Thanks for your generosity!

Pastoral Care

We all need support and encouragement in life. Understanding personal care and well-being, we are holistic in our approach, recognising the need for health of body, soul and spirit.

Edge has a team of pastoral leaders who are available if you would like to talk.

We also offer the following professional/specialised Roles:

Spiritual Direction

If you would like to know more, or would value seeing someone for any of the above, please call the church office 630 2922 or email

Edge Youth

Each fortnight on a Thursday we run a youth group for young people aged 11-19. Edge Youth is a great place to hang out, eat some sugar and amp yourselves up for the weekend before Friday gets you down. 7.00pm fortnightly - for dates and more information hit up the Events page, email or have a looksie at their facebooksie.


Edge is home to many people who do amazing work within our local and global community. Our goal is to help these amazing people as they support the marginalised, the creative, the destitute, the dying, the disabled, the rich, the normal, the young, the old, those here and those there. We also have long standing relationships with some people doing incredible work in other parts of the world, and are privileged to provide regular financial support to them. Listed below are just some of the people and organisations we are connected to as a church.


Edge has a great and long lasting relationship with Recreate NZ, a charitable organisation that provides recreational and social opportunities for young people who have disabilities. Many people from Edge have great involvement with Recreate and have built amazing relationships with some incredible young people over the years. Recreate is always looking for volunteers to help facilitate their programmes, and we couldn't recommend a more fun and worthwhile cause! Check out their website for more information.


Love INdia

Two years ago a small group of women from Edge went to India to serve with a group of churches that work out of a Trust called ‘Love India’.Their time was spent visiting and working in Slum Schools, Homes for Girls in Delhi and also with a family who lead a church in the Himalayan region of Almora.

Over the past few years Edge has continued to support these churches financially, and recently it was decided that we would narrow our focus to support Joseph and Sarah whose work is in Almora, a semi-rural village at the foothills of the Himalayan belt. Joseph & Sarah and their children Shirly & Jonathan have lived in this region for around 20 years, having planted the church they lead along with building their church facility including plans for a Bible School and home for girls. They have great love for this community, yet it is a struggle to make ends meet in this poor village and value any support we can offer. Our desire is to support them as a family first, so that they are able to live and serve well in their region.

If you would like to gift to them financially, label it ‘Love India’ and it will be sent directly to them.

For more information on the work, and how to support it contact Linda.

Joy & Ralph Simpson

Joy works as a Counsellor at HUG, an organisation whose aim is to ‘Prevent, Protect and Restore children from human trafficking, exploitation and abuse in Northern Thailand. Joy is looking to draw together some of their partner organisations to increase the capabilities and resources for working with clients struggling with mental health issues. There is a real need to be more informed on mental health issues in Thailand including how to provide the best support, love and care for young people and working more collaboratively with Professionals in this arena. 

Ralph has set up a private consultancy to continue his work in the counter-trafficking sector. He is currently working with the International Organisation for Migration (part of the UN) to assist with an education and training programme for judges, prosecutors and police in Sudan.

Annie Wilson

In 2018 Annie finished up her work serving with Awareness Cambodia and has since been pioneering a new endeavour called the Aroha Project. Working alongside her local church in Cambodia called Followers of Jesus, she continues to be committed to underprivileged youth, the provincial poor and other community needs. 
The Aroha Project is primarily a leadership home where tertiary aged students that are underprivileged; particularly orphans, board with Annie for minimal financial contribution. They are supported and empowered within the framework of the local church through a leadership/scholarship programme, where they will  learn life skills, grow and develop in a safe environment, whilst they attend their chosen university degree courses.
There are many young adults in the community that are unable to continue tertiary education because of their financial situation. Annie envisages that with our support she can help provide part or full scholarships and supported living costs for at least two to four students this year with expansion as funds permit in 2019. 
As a church community we continue to support Annie financially and prayerfully.