“Worship God, for the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy.”

In 1999 Edge began, following a dream and inspired by Revelation 19:10. Over the last 19 years we've become a church fascinated with worship and prophecy. It's because of this that we've chosen a constellation as our mark, it reminds us to look up and forward to the stars, a metaphor where up is worship and forward is prophecy.

Our hope as a community is to engage with these two things on a daily basis. Worship & Prophecy normalised. Normal lives inspired. By engaging our imaginations and listening to the dreams that God has planted in our hearts we can live in a way that sees heaven on earth now, and transforms the mundane and the crooked into the divine and the merciful. We believe in Christ in us, Christ before us and Christ infinitely beyond us. Lives on a journey of restoration and transformation as we discover what it means to be like Christ


We follow the liturgical calendar through the year, infusing the regular seasons with the seasons of the gospel. Following the liturgical calendar is a practical way of becoming a Christ centered and mindful person. The calendar plants the story of the Gospel throughout the year and invites us to find our own parallel journey alongside Christ and each other.  Just as we dress for the seasons, eat with the seasons and plan our lives around the seasons, so too can we find the story of Christ in the calendar year, and through our work together find restoration to Christ and the earth, year in and year out


Edge Kingsland is part of a relational network of churches called LinkNZ LinkNZ is a network of churches with the aim of developing authentic relationship, spirit life and mission together.


We have a collaborative team leadership model.  Our Kaitiaki guard the ethos and values of Edge Kingsland and care for the life and health of the community.  The staff team are responsible for shaping and directing our haerenga tapu according to the ethos and values set by the Kaitiaki. The Trustees are responsible for the financial resourcing and integrity of Edge Kingsland.         


Clint Gibson
Esther Weeks
Linda Burson Swift
Michael Frost
Barrie Herrold



Greg Burson                       
Clint Gibson
Louise Tregidga
Mark Mack
Linda Burson Swift


Linda Burson Swift
Clint Gibson
Cath Gibson
Esther Weeks
Nic Manders
Kerry Manders
Kerry Mack
Mark Mack
Dietrich Soakai
Michael Frost

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